Tiger Daisy

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Being a mom is all about taking care of everyone else and sometimes we don't take care of ourselves. Most of the time when I leave my house, the diaper bag is perfectly packed with something for almost every possible situation...but I forget my sunglasses, drivers license, wallet and sometimes the keys because they are in my purse and I forgot to transfer them to the diaper bag. Or because I took my wallet out to make room for something else and forget to put it back. We just got the perfect bag to solve this problem...

About:  A two-in-one diaper bag. There are two bags that can be hooked together. This is a genius design so that you have a bag for you and one for your baby. Or you could even do one bag for your baby's stuff and one for your toddler's stuff. The best part is that when you are going somewhere without your kids, you can just detach your bag and it is a perfect purse. 
Price: $79.95
Ease of Use: Easy to transition from one bag to two bags and then back to one bag. 
Looks: Simple and classic design, love the wipeable material. Comes in 3 different colors and patterns. 
Found At:  Online at www.tiger-daisy.com
Quality: Stitching is thick and doubled up to last with multiple children. Zippers are large and thick so they won't just break on you. 
Best Use: Keeping your stuff separate from your child's or keeping twins stuff separated.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it:

1. You get two bags for the price of one. 

2. Love being able to find my stuff without having to search forever through all my baby's stuff. 

3. If you use cloth diapers it is a great way to keep it all organized and still have extra space. 

4. Love the comfort level when the bag is on my shoulder. 

5. Love the plastic feet on the bottom. I feel like when I sit it in the ground it isn't going to ruin my bag. 

6. The easy pocket in the front are great for those items you need to grab fast and your don't have to in zip anything. 

7. I can't even tell you how nice all the pockets are in the inside. Makes everything organized and easy to get too. 

8. Big zippers make zipping a breeze. 

9. Love that the big pocket in the inside is lined with plastic which makes it really easy to clean.  

10. Two Insulated bottle pockets.