NoseFrida the Snotsucker

I was working at a baby boutique when I first saw the NoseFrida. This was before I had kids and I didn't get it...why would anyone suck snot out of their baby's nose!? Gross! Then I had my daughter and I totally got it...I would do anything for my baby, even use the Snotsucker.  

NoseFrida the Snotksucker 

About: A non-invasive nasal aspirator made in Sweden  
Price: $15.00
Ease of Use: Although it is not as easy to use as the traditional nasal bulb aspirator, it is still really easy to use and definitely a lot easier to clean. When my baby first came home from the hospital, I used the nasal bulb because it was so easy and I though my baby's nostrils were too small for the NoseFrida (at the time I didn't realize that the NoseFrida didn't actually go inside my baby's nose...I should have read the instructions, oops). Then I saw an article online that showed a nasal bulbs cut in half and there was tons of mold inside. It made me sick and it made sense. I didn't know the bulb was clean inside or if it was dry because I couldn't see inside. So I stopped using the nasal bulb and switched to the NoseFrida. I found that it worked great and was really easy to clean. You can take the NoseFrida apart, wash the pieces and let them air dry. It is best to rinse the aspirator after each use so that the mucus doesn't dry and become stuck and change the filter frequently. 
Looks: It looks like you are going to suck the snot right into your mouth but I promise you aren't. There is a filter that has proven to stop the transfer of mucus or germs from baby to user.  
Found At: Most baby stores and online at
Quality:  Made of safe materials: latex-free, BPA-free, phthalate- free and non-allergenic 
Best Use: Help clear your baby's stuffy nose. After switching to the NoseFrida, I realized that my baby didn't really like the nasal bulb. When I used the NoseFrida, she didn't cry or get upset like she did before. The NoseFrida is less invasive because parents use their own suction and it really works to clear your baby's nose.  
Our Rating:  5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it: 

1. The best part and why I choose to use the NoseFrida...It really gets clean and I know there is no mold. I love that it can be taken apart and cleaned. Most parts are dishwasher safe.

2. I love to use it because my baby doesn't seem to mind when I use it.

3. It really works at clearing a stuffy nose. *Use a little saline for a really stuffy nose.