Black Arrow Studio - Cash Envelope System

You Spent How Much??? Famous words coming from my husband. Well honey, I just swipped my card I didn't realize how much I was spending. Well now with Black Arrow Studio it solves not only martial frustration but it also helps you save a ton of money. 

About: This cash envelope wallet is perfect to organize all your cash, credit cards and more. It is slim and lightweight so it won't add unnecessary bulk to your purse. Safely store and organize your cash if you follow Dave Ramsey's plan or any other cash system. It also works great to use as a coupon organizer. Features-
- 1 large pocket (behind the credit card slots)
- 6 credit card slots
- 1 zipper pocket 
- 1 accordion pocket (behind the zipper pocket) 
- 1 large pocket (in front of the zipper pocket)
- 6 blank poly plastic dividers
Price: $55.00
Ease of Use: Machine wash on delicate cycle, cold water and lay flat to dry. Touch up with iron if needed.
Looks: Dimensions- 7 1/4" Wide by 4 1/2" High And 1/2" Deep
Quality: Handmade, Cotton, zipper pouch, snap closure.
Best Use: Keeping on a budget but staying stylish at the same time.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it: 

1. Love that it is made to order. 

2. You will receive 6 blank poly-plastic wallet dividers. They are durable and won't tear or crack. They are easy to label with an fine tip Sharpie, and are temporarily erasable with rubbing alcohol if you make a mistake. They fit perfectly in the accordion pocket with room for cash or coupons in between each divider.

3. It made using cash for everything so easy. I wish I would of done this years ago.  

4. Love how much room I have in the envelope but it doesn't take up a ton of space. 

5. At first I panicked when my envelope got dirty. But I followed the care intructions and turned out it cleaned right up. 

6. Dealing with the owner of Black Arrow Studio was fabulous. She was great to work with everything I wanted. She even put up with my million emails. Love that she loves her company and her product and it shows in her work.