3 Sprouts Storage Caddy

I have a small nursery for my daughter so storage is a must.  Having an organized changing station makes life so much easier. I have been using 3sprouts storage caddy to organize my changing station and I love it. It keeps me organized and it the perfect nursery decor. 

About:  Canvas storage caddy with polyethylene coating on the inside and adorable felt animal appliqué.  
Price: $14.99
Ease of Use:  Easy to store items in and transfer the caddy anywhere in the house. There are no dividers in this caddy which can make it harder to store some items effectively. 
Looks:  There is a variety of animals to choose from. I love the look of the animals, because they are perfect for a baby/kids room without being cheesy. 
Found At:  Target and online at www.3sprouts.com 
Quality:  Great quality; it is durable and keeps its shape which makes it easier to use. The canvas can only be spot cleaned. The inside can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge because of the coating on the inside. 
Best Use: The caddy is perfect for a changing table. I use mine to store diapers, lotion, a bag of cotton balls and diaper rash cream.
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it: 

1. The price! Great price for great quality.  

2. At first I thought that this would be the perfect caddy if only it had dividers. However, after using it for awhile I liked that it was just one big pocket because it worked great for what I store in it. The canvas keeps its shape while still being a little flexible. 

3. I love that it is lightweight and easy to transfer to any room 

4. 3Sprouts makes a few other storage options that are adorable. Check out the storage bin. It is perfect for toys. 

5. Great gift! I got mine from a friend at a baby shower. It was so cute because she used the caddy as the gift bag and filled it with some of her favorite baby items.