Sonnet James

hate pants!! I could live in skirts and dresses everyday. But not always are all dresses created for a women's needs. That is why we love Sonnet James, she thinks about the needs of women while in a dress. It has to be flexible but still retain shape. The length has to be perfect, and sometimes a sleeve is much desired on a dress. Sonnet James really out did her self! While people have tried to copy this dress the original is still the best. 

About: Sonnet James believes "that with the right dress you can look great without letting your clothes get in the way of the next big adventure!" Sonnet James is clothing that works for moms—durable, comfortable, and beautiful, yet easy to care for. You can wear your Sonnet James dress anywhere! 
Price: $98.00 - $148.00
Ease of Use: Wash cold and hang to dry. Stains come out easy! 
Looks: Comes in a lot of great patterns and solids. Comes in an size XS-XL 
Found At: Online at
Quality: I just wish I could explain a million times on how great the quality is. Durable, light weight, fits perfect and holds its shape. 
Best Use: Looking like a fabulous Mom but not having to try to hard.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it: 

1. Loved that the fabric held its shape. Even when I breastfeed in it. Was pregnant in the same dress the quality of the material never altered with use. 

2. The owner is a total babe. She is passionate about her product and wants everyone to love it just as much. 

3. Customer service was great. 

4. The length of the dress was great for everyday use. Love I could play all day with my kids in it and not roast to death. But then it transitioned great for date night too. 

5.  Every Priscilla dress you purchase helps fund her work in Uganda

5. The packaging the dress arrived in shows you how much detail they put into their product. 

6. Having a dress that feels like it was made for me. Makes me want to buy a million more. 

7. Don't be tricked by buying a knock off they aren't worth it. The quality on Sonnet James can't be matched. 

8. They work for any season! 

9. Sonnet James said they will have more dresses you can breastfeed in coming out soon. 

10. All our dresses are made here in San Francisco, CA. Fabric is made in New York.

11. They believe in fair trade and working locally.