Ryan & Rose Cutie Clips - Charlie vs. Hart Cutie Clip

My baby loves her binky, so we always use pacifier clips to keep those binky's from getting lost.  When she started crawling, I hated that her binky would drag on the floor. We found an amazing brand of pacifier clips, Rose & Ryan Cutie Clips, that is shorter than most and when clipped on my babies sleeve of back of the neck, it doesn't drag on the floor.  Below is our review of the two styles of their clips that we tried. 

Ryan & Rose Cutie Clips 
"If you don't want to lose it, Cutie Clip It!"

Ryan & Rose Cutie Clips are shorter than most pacifier clips out there. They can attach to all pacifiers and to almost anything else that has a hole that you can loop the clip through that you don't want to lose - toys, sippy cups,  hats, blankets, etc. And they can be clipped to the stroller, carseat or your baby. Each metal clip is lead free and round with a plastic insert to protect the fabric.
Charlie Cutie Clip Pacifier Clip 

About: Double sided, Ruffle trim pacifier clip that is approximately 6-7 inches long.  
Price: $16.00
Ease of Use: Easy to use and clean - hand wash or machine wash, lay flat to dry. 
Looks: Super cute ruffle that is different than any other clip I have seen. Comes in 9 different colors. 
Found At: Online at www.RyanAndRose.co
Quality: Amazing!!! The clip is really heavy duty and the ruffle keeps it's shape after multiple uses and washes. The elastic is sewn into the trim which makes it really durable to being pulled on.  
Best Use: Keeping your babies belongings safe and sanitary. 
Our Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

About: Braided, Soft faux suade lace that is approximately 6-7 inches long. 
Price: $16.00
Ease of Use: Easy to use and cleans up easily. Spot clean the Hart clip - it can't be machine washed or soaked in water as the color may bleed when wet. 
Looks: Comes in 13 color options, adorable and stylish. 
Found At: Online at www.RyanAndRose.co
Quality: Hart Cutie Clip is super durable and strong. My little one pulls and tugs on her clip and it doesn't even budge. We have gone through 4 other name brands of Bibky clips and all of them broke or fell off.  
Best Use: Keeping your babies belongings safe and sanitary. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars 

Why we like Ryan & Rose: 

1. I {Love} the attention to detail, the metal clip has the Ryan & Rose Logo engraved on it. You can also engrave your baby's name on the clip for $15.00. 

2. Ryan & Rose has great customer service and is easy to work with. 

3. Made in the U.S.A. and they ship worldwide.

4. Ryan & Rose also makes some other really cute and unique pacifier clips! Check them out! 

5. Ryan & Rose Clips are strong and my little one can't pull it off or take it off herself.