Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer Premium

Before having a baby, I had quite a few people recommend using a wipe warmer. I thought that was unnecessary but since so many people recommended it and I had my baby during the winter, I gave it a try and loved it! My baby loved warm wipes too!

Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer Premium
About:  Wipe dispenser that warms the wipes. EPA-approved, anti-microbial. 
Price: $33.00 
Ease of Use: Easy to you use and the dispenser works great at just dispensing one wipe at a time. If your baby is anything like mine, it also makes changing diapers easier because the wipe isn't cold on their little bums. It only takes 3 hours after being plugged in to reach the full temperature. You can keep the wipe warmer plugged in all the time. At the bottom of the wipe warmer, there has to be a everFresh System Pillows that keep the baby wipes moist, and it really works. There is a little maintenance involved with the System Pillows which can be a pain but it worth it because I have never had baby wipes dry out. You do have to wet the System Pillow one a week and change them out every three months.
Looks: White is the only color option. Great look for any changing table. 
Found At: Most baby stores and online at At Babies R Us it is only $29.99.
Quality: Great quality. I have had my wipe warmer plugged in every day, all day for over a year and a half and the wipes are still the perfect temperature and I haven't had any wipes dry out. 
Best Use: Warming your baby wipes. Great for newborns. 
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Why we like it: 

1. The wipes are always the perfect temperature.

2. There is a light on the front of the wipe warmer that I just use as a nigh light. 

3.  I would definitely recommend a wipe warmer especially if you are have a baby in the cooler months.