Presley Couture

Any mother that can survive a teething baby deserves not only a medal but a BIG, BIG trophy. My theory on teething is whatever gets you through teething, just do it. When it came to Presley Couture I loved being able to wear my kids teething necklace and still look stylish. 

Presley Couture Teething Necklace 

About: Presley Couture sells amazing teething necklaces for your little teether. On top of that she also sells moccasins and cute necklaces for your little toddler. 
Price: $15.99
Ease of Use: Cleaned up really well, didn't love the white necklace material because we found it got dirty really easily around my neck. 
Looks: So extremely stylish and cute. Loved wearing them with every day outfits or dressing them up. 
Quality: The beads are strong and hold up on babies with or without teeth. 
Best Use: Teething babies to soothe their guns.
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Why we like it: 

1. Loved the unique looks of Presley Couture. 

2. Working with the owner is amazing. She is so friendly and easy to work with. 

3. love the fact that it doesn't look like I am wearing chew beads. 

4. Love that the beads don't get stuck on my neck and pull my hair because the necklace only has the chew beads at the bottom. 

5. I liked that I wore the beads and that my child couldn't drop it on the floor. Especially since they are in her mouth keeping them clean is an absolute must.