Little Colley Design

I {Love} giving blankets or quilts to new moms at their baby shower, but...apparently everyone else does too. I have never been to a shower that I was the only person giving a blanket or quilt, most showers are flooded with them. I was so excited when I found Little Colley Design. I just gave one as a gift to a new mom and she didn't get another one like it!

Little Colley Design Baby Quilt 
About:  Handmade quilt measuring 33 inches by 40 inches. Each quilt has a pattern fabric on the front and a solid fabric on the back. Comes in lots of color options.
Price: $85.00
Ease of Use: Easy! Machine washable and the fabric gets softer each time you wash it!
Looks: Cute fabric that is designed exclusively for Little Colley Designs, so you won't see the same fabric used anywhere else. 
Found At: Online at or on their Etsy Shop 
Quality: Amazing quality! The fabric is really good quality 100% cotton. 
Best Use: Baby quilt for your baby to use or to decorate your nursery! 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
Why we like it: 

1. The production time on their quilts is only 2-3 week which is really fast for such an adorable quilt. But if you need one faster, their Etsy shop has quilts available to ship now. 

2. I love the fabrics on all of Little Colley Design's quilts! They are simple and adorable!  

3. Amazing company that is great to work with! If you buy their "I-Spy quilt for Minding The Baby", Little Colley will donate $40 to Minding The Baby Home Visit Program for young mothers and babies.  

4. Working with Little Colley was a delight. The owner Liz is so passionate about her product and really cares about you loving her product. 

5. Made in the USA!!

6. All of Little Colley's fabric are printed environmentally friendly and in the USA. 

7. The quilts are all designed to withstand normal machine washing and drying because it was very important that all baby quilts are easy for parents to take care of.