Essential Oils with Babies

Hello! I am Michelle Cannon, Wife and mother to 2 precious little boys, I love the out doors, being with family and friends, and I am an Essential Oil Guru. I LOVE essential oils and have such a passion for sharing and teaching about them. I run a large Instagram account where I post daily on ways to use and incorporate essential oil into your daily lives! When I had my first son 3 years ago, I decided my new, found love of Essential Oils, would not only benefit me, but him as well.  I had taken my knowledge of these incredible oils to a whole new level, by incorporating them in to my sweet, precious, little sons life. I started to do a ton of research and attended several classes, to make sure I knew how to be safe with using essential oils on little ones. 

I use essential oils for many different ailments for my baby and in the home, and some of my most talked about and frequently asked about ways of usage are

1- Help me! My child is not getting good sleep and is restless and nights... 

Each night when I get my little ones ready for bed, I apply a combination of Juniper Berry, Cedarwood, and Lavender mixed with some coconut oil, to the bottoms of their feet, down the spine, as well as diffuse a couple drops of each! These oils combined help to calm and sooth them, promote more restful sleep, and these oils are known to bring a sense of peace and security. What better way than to have an all natural, pure product that can make bed time that much easier, right? Oh how I love these oils.

2- My poor little one always seems to have tummy issues and I don’t know how to help him.

When my little ones are having tummy troubles, weather its something they ate, gas,  or constipation, I have the trick!! I apply a small amount of Digestzen, and Wild Orange mixed with coconut oil and massage lightly on to their cute little tummies, and let me tell you.. It soothes and calms the tummy right away! Amazing right? See another HUGE reason I love my oils!

3- I don’t want my little one to get sick from all the yucky germs going around..

Well I don’t either! Every morning I apply a Onguardmixed with coconut oil to the bottoms of my little ones feet! This Essential Oil Blend is so powerful and helps to keep the immune system supported and working at its best! Not to say my kids don’t ever get sick, but this helps so much to prevent and keep them healthy! 

Do you see why I have such a passion for what I do? I couldn’t picture my life with out using essential oils! I am not one to say the modern day medicine is bad, but it has its time and place for when it necessary to use it. We have been given these natural plants, and resources to provide our world with alternatives to health, and for that, I am so grateful I have the knowledge and love for these incredible Essential oils!!