The Bobby is amazing for Breastfeeding Mom's and bottle fed babies too. Whatever makes your job easier is always a winner. But the best part is that it is also great for your little one when they are ready for tummy time and sitting up. 

Reviewed by Rozslin Velez 

About: Nursing pillow to use while breastfeeding or bottle feeding and a positioner for your baby that is doing tummy time or learning to sit up.  
Price: $40- $60
Ease of Use: So easy to use and it makes your breast feeding experience a whole lot easier and way more comfortable. *****Everyone's experience is so different but we do have to add that a reader mentioned to us that her experience was not that great due to the fact that she is plus size. She said it didn't fit well and ended up just getting frustrated with it*****
Looks: Adorable, looks range from a plain pillow to detailed pattern pillows and more. That's why there is a price range difference. 
Found At: Babies R us,, I even snagged mine at tjmax for half the price! 
Quality: Great quality and extremely comfortable for both mom and baby. 
Best Use: To help maintain a comfortable position with you and baby while breastfeeding. 
Our Rating : 4 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it

1. Easy to clean when your little one spits up or it just gets dirty. 

2. Will last through multiple children. 

3. Helps with proper latch.

4. Helps with a better posture so you shoulder backs and let's be honest everything doesn't hurt. 

5. Makes a great neck pillow, lol just making sure your reading this!! 

6. Sometimes I would put some cold backs in between the boppy pillow and cover on hot summer days to help cool me and my little one down.