Baby Bum Brush - Diaper Cream Applicator

{Pick of the Week}

Diaper rash is the worst! I have a few diaper creams that I love to use and work wonders...the diaper rash is normally gone within a day or two. When I first saw the Baby Bum Brush diaper cream applicator I thought it would just be a funny gift. So I bought one for a shower gift and got one for me too (I had to try it out of course). But when I used the Baby Bum Brush, I thought it was the best thing ever, I swear my baby's diaper rash was going away faster. I wasn't using a different cream or changing how often I was applying cream, I was just using the Baby Bum Brush applicator and I noticed a difference...I could apply the cream thicker and better than just using my finger. 

Baby Bum Brush 
About: The Baby Bum Brush is a 100% soft silicone diaper cream applicator. It's BPA Free. The base is a suction cup so you can suction the brush to your changing table surface. 
Price: $7.99
Ease of Use: Super easy to use and makes applying diaper cream less messy and faster. It also applies the cream thicker than when using your finger. Really easy to clean - wipe clean with a baby wipe after each use. 
Looks: Comes in five bright color options. 
Found At: Amazon and online at
Quality: The silicone is soft and durable. It definitely does it's job and will last you a long time. 
Best Use: Applying diaper cream to your little one. 
Our Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it: 

1. I love that there is less wasted cream because most of the cream transfers from the silicone to your baby's bum.

2. This really applies diaper cream better than my finger can.

3. I love how it keeps my hands clean and it is easy to clean.

4. The only thing I don't like is that my baby thinks it looks like a really fun toy. Every time I use it, I have to hide it from her so she doesn't grab it, haha.