Thelma's Crafty Corner - Mermaid Shorts

My life is filled with dress-ups! Oh the joys of having a 6 year old daughter.  It is sometimes a battle to get her to wear something besides dress-ups. When Thelma's Crafty Corner sent us these Mermaid shorts, she could wear "dress-ups" that I was okay with.   

ThelmasCraftyCorner Mermaid Shorts 

About: Made to order, handmade spandex shorts. Sizes come in newborn to 10 years. 
Price: $14.00
Ease of Use: They run true to size.
Looks: They are the perfect short for a little girl that loves mermaids...let's be honest, who doesn't love mermaids?! 
Found At: Online at ThelmasCraftyCorner Etsy Shop  
Quality: They won't hold up past one summer, especially for us since my child loved to wear them so much. We found that the green mermaid scales came off between the legs and crotch area. But once again this happens when my little one won't take them off. The seams and sewing are amazing, holds up great and durable. 
Best Use: For any little child who wants to pretend or look like a mermaid. 
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Why we like it: 

1. You can specify to have the shorts 1.5" longer by noting to the seller that you would like to add that to the order.

2. The owner of the shop is just adorable and really cares about her product. She was so great to work with.  

3. My child wears something other then dress ups. 

4. The shorts are very comfortable and original to put on everyday. 

5. Loved all the fun colors they have to choose from.

6. Love that they offer pants as well. So she will be covered for winter too. 

7. The sizes ran true to size, so nice when dealing with shipping.