The Twig Co.

Who doesn't love a toy that brings a smile to your kids face? And who doesn't love a toy that makes Mom even happier? It's always nice when you find a toy that makes everyone happy. This toy comes with countless hours of pretend and will last a long time. Can be passed through child to child because of its durability. The Twig Co really nailed this toy down. 

The Twig Co.

About: Solid cherry wood toy cameras that include movable knobs, pushable buttoms and a rotating view finder. A removable cotton strap is also included. Naturally safe: non-toxic, latex-free, water-based finish. You can build your own camera and pick your color combinations.  Measurements:  3.5 x 2 x 1 inches
Price: $40.00 - $45.00
Ease of Use: Since this cute camera doesn't make sounds and is for pretend, the ease of use is great and simple. And the interlocking peices make for countless hours of fun. 
Looks: Literally the look is fabulous. So stylish and functional all at the same time.  
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Quality: The wood is fantastic and sturdy. My little one played with this non stop and this camera keeps it paint and structure. 
Best Use: Playing Pretend, chewing on if your baby is little, and of course countless hours of play.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it: 

1. Sturdy for all kind of play - pretend, rough and outside play. 

2. This toy makes NO noise, best part!!

3. My little one has so many options on playing pretend. She spent over an hour playing photo shoot. 

4. It's small and easy to throw into my diaper bag.

5. Love that will grow with your child. It literally can be from 2-12 years. 

6. This company is adorable and the owner is fantastic to work with. It's always nice when you talk to the creator yourself and they care so much about their product. 

7. Love that my child can take apart the camera and rebuild it. The interlocking joints make it easy and fun to use. 

8. They carry a Paint your Pixie Party Set $75.00 comes with 3 cameras. Would be a fun idea for your kids party. 

9. Love that you can pick your own colors and make your own camera combination.