Getting ready for baby, I loved buying baby toys. From the super cute wood toys to the new must have toys. By the time my child got to the age where she could grab toys, I was so excited to whip out all the toys I had bought...Turns out all my child wanted was the empty box from amazon and my keys. So when I took out the NogginStik, I really didn't expect much. My child was in love with it and I loved it just as much.

About: A developmental toy from birth+. There is a rattle and mirror at the bottom. The head lights up and changes colors as the head in moved. This toy is designed to encourage your baby's milestones.
Price:  $24.99
Ease of Use: The handle is small and easy for little hands to grab.
Looks: The head lights up and as it is moved it changes color from red to blue to green.
Quality: This toys is durable but there is so much more to this toy than meets the eye. This toy was originally designed by an intervention therapist to help parents encourage their infant to reach early milestones.
Best Use: Best for babies from birth to 4 months plus that are learning the following milestones: looking, listening, grabbing and shaking.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it: 

1. Easy to clean after your little one uses it.

2. Best part no obnoxious noises, just a little soft rattle at the bottom of the NogginStik.

3. Perfect size for any sized hands and ages.

4. Comes with a manual that tells you what development stage they are on.

5. Love this toy at night, the light up is so great for their tracking development.

6. I accidentally left my NogginStik soaking in water for a few hours and the light stopped working. I took it apart and put the pieces in rice... and it worked with no problems.