Let's Playground

Let's Playground Adventure Mat

About:  Leather mat that comes in 4 different sizes, Maxi, Midi, Mini and Micro. The surface is a wipeable leather and the back is a durable suede.   
$120 for Maxi which is 82" x 82" 
$70 for Midi which is 54" x 54"
$40 for Mini which is 40" x 40" 
$20 for Micro which is 15" x 20"
Ease of Use:  Easy to use and clean. 
Looks: Comes in cute colors and is looks really nice. If folded too long it can get wrinkles but you just have to lay it out to dry.
Found At: Online 
Quality:  It's real leather so the quality is great, sturdy but still soft. 
Best Use:  Depending on the size you get:  Maxi is my favorite size, use it for a beach or park blanket and it isn't bulky but is the perfect size. Midi can accommodate up to four for a park picnic and is a great mat for messes like arts and crafts. Mini is a great floor mat for under the high chair. Micro is the perfect changing pad or place mat.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it: 

1. It is really versatile no matter the size. 

2. It isn't bulky! Even my previous changing pad that came with my diaper bag is at least twice as bulk as the adventure mat.

3. It is really easy to clean. Literally let my child eat lasgna and covered the mat. We where at a restaurant and I left the mat in my bag over night. In the morning it washed off easily and didn't stain.

4. We use the micro for diaper changes makes it so easy! 

5. Their costumer service is amazing. They really care about you and their product.