Disposable vs Cloth Swim Diapers

The first time I went to the swimming pool with my baby, I had no idea that there were reusable swim diapers...It didn't even cross my mind but it should have been obvious because there are cloth diapers! My friend little boy was swimming in what I thought was an adorable speedo. When I complimented her on his cute swimming suit and asked where she got it, she informed me that it was just a swim diaper and that they are amazing! I had to try it out for myself...

i Play Ultimate Snap Swim Diaper 

About: A reusable cloth swim diaper with a waterproof outer layer, absorbent inner layer and sick-away lining closest to baby's skin. There are snaps down the side making changing easy. No other diapers are necessary. Fabric is UPF 50+! Many states require using approved swim diapers in public pools.  
Price: $12.00
Looks:  Comes in many colors. I love that it doesn't look like a diaper. It just looks like swimsuit bottoms. 
Ease of Use: Easy to put on and washes great! 
Found At: Online, specialty baby stores and stores like Target. 
Quality:  Durable and holds up great after multiple uses. 
Best Use:  Swimming diaper for babies and toddlers. 
Our Rating:  5 out of 5 stars. 

Why we like it: 

1. I love that the diaper fits snug around the waist and legs. It holds in messes great!

2. Great at preventing diaper rashes! 

3. Cheaper in the long run.

4. Great for the environment.

5. Soft even on the newest baby bum. 

6. Love that I can buy one and it last all summer and through multiple children. 

Huggies Little Swimmers

About: A disposable swim diaper that is more absorbent than every day diapers and they don't swell. Easy open sides  
Price: $9.99 for a pack of 20 at most retailers.
Looks:  Comes in cheesy prints. There is no mistaking it for swimsuit bottoms. It is definitely a diaper. 
Ease of Use: Easy to put on and very convenient. After swimming, it can just be thrown away. 
Found At: Online and pretty much every grocery store and super stores. 
Quality:  They definitely do their job. They hold in messes and don't expand to 3 times the original size. If your child takes a number 2, the pooh will not hold it's form. The pooh with just shatter and spread everywhere inside the diaper.
Best Use:  Swimming diaper for babies and toddlers.
Our Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Why we like it:

1. They are disposable and are great when you are traveling and you aren't staying somewhere with a washing machine.

2. I used these while we were at a lake for a week while staying on a houseboat. They were so convenient and thank goodness, hardly any diaper rash.