Verefina - After Sun Mist

We just discovered Verefina at the beginning of the summer and love it! One of my favorite products that I have used is their After-Sun Mist. I have fair skin and get sunburned very easily. I love to take care of my skin so, getting sunburn stresses me out. I have always used Aloe Vera after sun exposure but after using After-Sun Mist, I will never go back.  Check out the our review and Jennifer Lugo, the founder of Verefina, is joining us to tell you more about this product! 

Verefina After-Sun Mist 

Price: $18.50 for a 4 oz spray bottle; $49.50 for a 16 oz refill
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it: 

1. The smell is amazing! It is so refreshing and feels soothing on sunburned skin.

2. It is safe for everyone! Because it is a spray, it was so easy to put on my baby.

2. I haven't been burned too badly this summer, but while using After-Sun Mist, I skin hasn't peeled.

3. I also use it as a toner during the summer, it is amazing! 

Verefina’s After-Sun Mist
By Jennifer Lugo, edited by Katie Zapotoczny
We’re well into summer now, and you may have experienced a sunburn or two this season. While most of us do the best we can to prevent sunburns, even our best efforts sometimes fall short. Fortunately, Verefina has the perfect solution for these occasions: After-Sun Mist.
After-Sun Mist contains several natural ingredients that are especially effective in treating sunburned skin: aloe leaf juice, hyaluronic acid, peppermint and lavender essential oils, and lavender flower water. 
With its high water content and store of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, aloe leaf juice cools and nourishes, providing immediate relief for sunburned skin. Aloe vera gel, available in grocery stores and pharmacies, is a popular treatment for sunburns. However, many of these products contain unnecessary or even harmful additives in addition to the aloe. Such additives include parabens, dyes, and artificial fragrances. In contrast, Verefina After-Sun Mist contains pure aloe leaf juice and no dangerous fillers. 
Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and contributes to the soft, smooth skin that babies have. It draws moisture into the skin and holds it there. Hyaluronic acid can also help neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause a lot of damage to skin cells and other tissues. Since overexposure to the sun creates free radicals in the skin, hyaluronic acid can help repair the damage caused by UV rays. 
Peppermint oil cools, soothes, and hydrates sunburned skin. It can help relieve pain caused by sunburn as well. Lavender oil helps to heal skin and prevent peeling. It also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that aid in reducing redness.
Lavender flower water (also known as lavender hydrosol or distillate) is created during the steam distillation of lavender flowers. Lavender water contains residual essential oil that is not captured during the distillation process. It is therefore less concentrated than pure lavender essential oil, but it still has many benefits, especially for skin care. Because lavender water has lavender essential oil in it, it too can help heal sunburns.
This carefully chosen blend of natural ingredients quickly soothes sunburns and aids in the healing process. And while you may go through more of it in the summer, the After-Sun Mist has year-round uses. In addition to healing sunburns, it can also be used as a makeup setting spray, refreshing toner, and to help heal and prevent acne. To use as a toner, put the After-Sun Mist on a cotton ball, and apply it on your face. To treat acne, spray a small amount on problem areas, or dab it on with a cotton ball. Be sure to avoid the eye area.
The After-Sun Mist is available in three sizes: Trial Size4-ounce spray bottle, and a 16-ounce refill, which provides a savings of over 30% per bottle. 
With so many uses for the After-Sun Mist, you'll want to use it all year. 
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