Oat Mama by Jamie Lewis

Reviewed by Jamie Lewis 

About: I don't know about other mamas out there, but when I have a new baby that nurses every 2 hours I have a hard time feeding myself! I usually end up grabbing random things to eat throughout the day since it's hard to make time to prepare real food, especially those first few weeks. If only there was something quick, easy & healthy to grab in those busy mama moments... That's where Oat Mama shines! Individually packaged granola bars in 3 flavors with ingredient lists specifically tailored to fit a nursing mother's nutritional needs by boosting lactation naturally. 
Price: $3 per bar. Options to buy packs of 8, 14 or 40 at this price point.
Ease of Use: Very convenient for a nursing mother! Grab and go nutrition.
Looks: Clear packaging, clean, appetizing presentation. 
Found At: Online
Quality: Wholesome superfood ingredients (all listed on Oatmama.com) including galactagogues. (Foods known to enhance lactation) 
Best Use: As a lactation aid and a healthy snack.
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Why we liked it:

1. Convenience. That is the name of the game for a busy new mom & cannot be undervalued! These bars deliver convenience in a healthy, wholesome package. 

2. Quality, superfood content the most health conscientious mom would approve of. Each bar is full of ingredients like oats, ground flax and brewers yeast, all known to boost lactation naturally.

3. Three unique flavors to choose from. The lemon chia bar was a little bitter for my taste while the nut + berry bar was a little sweeter and my personal favorite.

4. Not just for mamas! Turns out my picky toddler is a fan of them. I gave her a taste and she took the cake! (Well, the bar)