Motherhood by Al (Fox) Carraway

We are so excited to have amazing Al (Fox) Carraway joining us today! (There are giveaway details at the bottom.)

Growing up I never sought after having children, I was never raised being around children, I actually never even held a baby until I had my own, if you can believe that. Becoming a mom has definitely surprised me on every level. It surprised me how much I love it. Surprised by how much more I am able to do in life because of it. My husband and I travel and adventure more with her than we ever did. Surprised me how much happiness into my every days, how the littlest of things completely consume me in the greatest possible way— A laugh from her, when she learns something on her own, when she talks to herself in the mirror, that look she gives me right before she picks up or touches something she knows she shouldn't touch, and her sad face even! I'm surprised  how much my little heart could love. Surprised at how much she's taught me and she's only a year old! Shoot, how much she taught me while I was pregnant and she wasn't even born yet. And I'm surprised and grateful that, though I am changed for the better, I am still me, (although I don't know why I wouldn't be), still silly, still awkward, still young at heart, and fun and adventurous and still actively dating my husband. 


I'm the last person anyone should be asking for any sort of tips for anything baby/mother related. We get her diapers from Sam's Club, we don't use anything cool or undiscovered, she doesn't have a favorite toy or blanket, or remedies that we've needed to use, and I've never even been on Etsy. Things woman or moms care or get excited about, I usually don't or will never find out about them, haha. Unless it's Target. Just like any other normal person, I am obsessed with Target and like mother like daughter, my whole life, along with my daughter Gracie's whole life, comes from there. BUT, luckily for my presence on Instagram, I have stumbled across companies I absolutely adore. I'm more of a sucker for things that mean something than I do just because it's cute, (that statement is completely exempt in every way when I'm at Target). It's hard to turn down things are are personalized or custom or religious. And there is a binky company called Binky Babies that have tons of customized binkies to choose from. Anything from your babies name on it in a million different ways, or really cute sayings and scriptures on them! And when I saw scriptural binkies I just about died inside! Not only are the binkies they print on well known and comfortable NUK binkies, but for me has just been a simple simple way for strangers who want a peek at your baby, probably when I'm roaming around Target, they can see her name is Gracie so don't referred to her as a him, haha, I'm half joking, but most importantly read, 'God is Great,' because it's those little reminders that could trigger a lasting impact, or at least a good thought in their day. 



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