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{Pick of the Week} and Newborn {Giveaway}

Hospital gowns are the worst! My first delivery was an amazing experience but I hated the hospital gown. My family was in the delivery room for much of the labor and I would periodically be worried about having my back showing. Also, while doing skin to skin right after the delivery, the hospital gown didn't provide full coverage. Of course, the worst was when guests came to the hospital to visit and I didn't feel presentable! Then I found the Mod Mum gown and the next delivery experience was perfect...well as perfect as giving birth can be! 

Mod Mum Maternity Hospital Delivery Gown 

About: 100% cotton maternity hospital delivery gown. There are snaps all the way down the back so you are completely covered from behind. There are snaps on both sides of your breast bone, which is perfect for breastfeeding and skin to skin. Just like the hospital provided gown, your doctor and nurses can access anything they need without having to take your gown off. 
Price: $49.00
Ease of Use: Super easy to put on and easy to snap and unsnap. Washes great. 
Looks: There are tons of fabric options from more subtle to more bold. Cute sash to finish it off! 
Found At: Online 
Quality: Good quality material. The hospital provided gown is very thin and almost see through. Mod Mum is a thicker material but still breathable and doesn't get too hot. Really soft and comfortable. 
Best Use: Hospital delivery gown. After you have your baby home, use it as a nightgown which is great for breastfeeding in the middle of the night.   
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it: 

1. This gown is really comfortable and provided full coverage.

2. I felt cute and I got a ton of compliments!

3. I loved using the gown as a nightgown. It made midnight feedings easy.

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