Little Cottonwood

I remember asking a mom what to get her child for her 2nd birthday, (shopping for a two year old is a lot harder then you think) she replied "get something wood"... well that helped a lot. While looking for wood toys, I stumbled upon this great item that is a perfect gift for a two year old. Lets just say I will be back again next year for her 3 year old birthday gift. 

Little Cottonwood Sweet Bubbles

About: All wooden soap dish in the shape of candy. With 3 bubble wands that make sharing easy!
Price: $35.00 - a little pricey 
Ease of Use: From tiny tots to big kids this bubble blower will make everyone happy.
Looks: It has sharp colors and the wood texture looks great.
Found At: Online 
Quality: It's been dropped and played with hard and it continues to hold up. It has lost a little paint from my one year old chewing on, but that is to be expected.
Best Use: Blowing bubbles
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Why we like it

1. Super durable and will hold up even when played with a lot. 

2.  Little Cottonwood's bubble recipe makes great bubbles that last a lot longer than store bought bubbles. 

3. The best part is that my children played with the bubbles for a solid 30 minutes!!