Golden Afternoon Handmade

We are so excited to have Alli from Golden Afternoon Handmade joining us today. She is so talented and her flowers are gorgeous! One of her wreaths or bouquets would be an amazing gift for a new mom! Check out the {GIVEAWAY} details at the end! 

When I started my little business a few months ago, I certainly didn't fancy myself an entrepreneur (still don't, really!) I just knew I LOVED making pretty things and that maybe other people would love them too. With a little nudge from my husband and sister, I opened my Etsy shop and have had so much fun flying by the seat of my pants trying to figure out what I'm doing!

I love making flowers and I love sending out pretty packages, but I think my favorite things about starting a business are less tangible. First, it has been incredible to share in meaningful moments in other people's lives. I have had the privilege of making pieces for weddings, Mother's Day gifts, birthday presents, a new baby's nursery, and even a bereaved mother who lost her beautiful daughter. What a humbling honor that I don't take for granted.

I have also felt a renewed sense of empowerment and daily productivity that I didn't even know I missed. As mama of two small boys, my days have been busy for the last five years, and I have enjoyed (almost!) every one of them. But it's been meaningful to me to add another dimension of structure as well as demand on my intellect.

In the sometimes lonely existence of motherhood, I've envied my husband at times for his daily interaction with adults. I know I'm not alone in this, mamas! And while I'm certain there are days he'd love to stay in his pajamas until 3pm and play with his boys all day long, I'm thankful to have a bit more of the type of contact he has with other grown ups! To me this means more friends, and a bigger village helping my family feel like part of something greater than ourselves.

Lastly, and most importantly, starting a small business has allowed my boys to see their mama in a whole new context. I finished a master's degree and stopped working before my first son was born, so they've only every known me as "mama". While it's the title I'm most proud of, I want them to know I have a curious mind, able hands, and a determined heart. We talk as I'm creating my pieces and lovingly pack them in boxes about everything from business philosophies to logistics. I am grateful for the opportunity to show them what it looks like to pursue passions and dreams, and work hard for what they want.

Thank you Side by Side Baby for letting me share!



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