Zo-li Bot vs Lollacup Review Updated

A lot of the time we think buying the cheap sippy cup is the best answer because we don't want to risk buying a more expensive one and then regretting it. So today we will review these top of the line sippy cups. Our most important thing is can it be dropped and not break and will it drip when turned upside down.

Reviewed by Hayley Howell

About: The Lollacup is a straw sippy cup with a weighted, valve free straw and removable handle. The material used is BPA and pthalate free and can hold up to 10 oz.
Price: $16.00
Ease of Use: This cup is really easy to take apart and clean, the sliding lid is easy for my 1 year old to operate himself, also easy to remove the handle so it can fit into cup holders.
Looks: Very cute! All the lids look like little chickens (I think they are chickens...) and they come in 6 different colors.
Found At: Online, Buy Buy Baby and on Amazon.
Quality: It's incredibly durable, the lid still slides open and closed smoothly despite all the abuse from my 1 year old.  I docked a star because I did find that since the straw is valve free, it leaked a little on us and the price is kind of a lot for just one sippy cup. 
Best Use: Transitioning from bottle/breast to sippy cup. The age recommendation is 9+ months.
Our Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.

Zo li Bot

About:  6 oz. Straw Sippy Cup with the original SILIFLEX-straw technology. There is a weighted ball at the end of the straw so that the straw always moves to the liquid no matter the orientation of the cup. This sippy cup is recommended for babies 9 months and older. It is BPA and Phthalate free!
Price: $12
Ease of Use: The handles are the perfect size for baby to grab. The straw is the perfect small and soft, perfect for baby’s mouth.   
Looks: The sippy cup has two handles and comes in green, orange, blue, pink and purple.
Found At:  Boutique baby stores, and Online.         
Quality: This product is BPA and Phthalate free. The plastic is durable and can endure a toddler dropping in on the floor often. When the sippy cup is upside down readers informed us it leaked on them. 
Best Use: This is great for babies transitioning to a straw because when the sippy cup is tipped back, the weighted straw goes where the water is. So no matter what the configuration of the cup, your baby can get liquid out of the straw.
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Why we like it

1.  The Zo-li Bot straw is a weighted straw so your child can still effectively drink from it when the cup is tilted.

2. The cups straw is very thin and tricky to clean. I wouldn't recommend anything but water in the cup.

3.  I like that the cup is translucent and I can see how much is in the cup.

4. It's also a valve free straw so they don't have to suck as hard to get a drink like the other straw cups we have tried.

5. Another thing we liked is that the removable handle and easy open/close lid functions.