The Modern Dad - Fathers Day

We are so excited to have Jason, The Modern Dad, joining us today! (There are giveaway details at the bottom)

 "My wife is an amazing woman. Two Saturday’s a month she teaches sewing to little girls (ages 6 and up) and they love it. She was a teacher for seven years, so this is another way for her to use her incredible teaching skills.

During these days I take our son and get to spend the whole day with him. I had a whole day of adventures planned for us: go to a football game, walk in the stroller, play at the park and just have a fun day together.

Well, that isn’t how it worked. I am a planner and I love to have my day all planned out with exactly what I will be doing, when I will be doing it, and get everything I want done. As a parent you really have to be flexible. You have to be able to roll with what comes at you.
For the first hour we were together I was completely willing to work with what my son had planned. After three hours of no napping and not being able to get any of the things done I wanted, I had to settle. He had his own agenda for the day and I needed to learn that it’s all about him. 
This also taught me that my son is my first priority. Granted I already knew that, but it really put things into perspective. It's funny how your life changes so much once you have children.

I also learned what my wife and all the amazing moms out there go through on a regular basis. While us dads are working we think that everything that our wives plan is getting done, but sometimes their schedules are thrown for a loop too. They want to have the house clean and dinner ready for you, but you know what? Sometimes it doesn't happen and it's okay. Parenting is hard!
This is why I have decided that “The Modern Dad” has to help more. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, being a parent isn’t just the moms duty anymore. We as dads can raise the bar and help with these things too. We too can do all we can to make our families great and not just be the bread winners, but be the fathers that we should be."
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