{Love} Your Baby’s Sunglasses

We have a love/hate thing going on with baby sunglasses. We love the protection that they provide for our children’s eyes... But we hate that our children can pull them off their head and inevitably break them or lose them by throwing them out of the stroller. We found two sunglasses that make it easier to just {love} sunglasses.  

100% UVA & UVB Protection. Flexible Frame, Shatter Resistant lenses 
Price: $20.00 a pair
Ease of Use: Clean up easy and Durable 
Looks: 2 sizes, Junior (Ages 0-3) and Classic (Ages 3-7). Ten great color options and Stylish design. 
Found At: Online and Specialty Stores
Quality: Register your glasses within 30 days of purchasing them and they are Guaranteed for 1 year. Babiators will replace any lost or broken sunglasses within 1 year for F∙R∙E∙E, you just pay shipping and handling. 
Best Use: For bright days, and playing outside
Our Rating: 5 out 5 stars 

Julbo USA

About: 100% UVA & UVB Protection. Flexible Frame and has no hinges to prevent hair getting tangled and makes them easier to put on.  
Price: $35.00 a pair 
Ease of Use: Flexible and durable. They are made reversible so they can be turned any way your child chooses…there is no wrong way to wear them.   
Looks: 3 sizes - Looping 1 (0-18 months), Looping 2 (12-24 months) and Looping 3 (2-4 years). Optimal coverage and comfort for all head shapes
Found At: REI, online and Specialty stores.
Quality: Wrap-around profile for maximum eye protection. The curved design above the temples and the flat elastic strap offers the perfect hold.
Best Use: Bright days, skiing, and playing outside.
Our Rating: 5 out 5 stars 

Why we like it:

1. Fits all shape, sizes and ages. I {love} that both sunglasses fit my child’s super big head and didn't hurt her around her ears. 

2. I {love} Babiator’s lost Guarantee, especially when you’re spending a little more on these sunglasses.

3. I {love} that my child can pull, stretch, and drop the Julbo’s over and over again and they survive without a scratch.

4. Both sunglasses fully protect those precious baby eyes.