Baby Bling

{Pick of the Week}

There are a million hair bows out there. So it can be pretty hard when your trying to decide on what bow is perfect for you child. We used these bows and fell in love with them. They where soft on our kid's heads and they fit our 1 year old and our 6 year old. 

Baby Bling

About: Constructed out of super soft Nylon, comfortable, stretchy headbands. Won't leave tight compression marks on your child's head.
Price: $4.00 to $17.00
Ease of Use: Easy to slip on over child's head. It's so soft they won't even notice it's there.
Looks: Stylish, elegant and perfect for a babies head. Come in many colors and styles.
Found At: Nordstroms, Boutiques, and Online.
Quality: Holds up strong, even when your child is trying to pull it off it's head.
Best Use: Headband for any age and head size.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it

1. My little one has a large head and I find it hard to fit a headband over her head with out leaving huge compression marks.

2. Baby Bling bow has the best customer service EVER. They treated us amazing and made me felt like my little order mattered!

3. They last though multiple children. 

4. So soft my child forgot it was there and left it on all day, well until she caught a glimpse in any mirror. 

Best Part

Baby Bling is offering 20% off to our readers through June 27
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