aden by aden + anais vs aden + anais swaddle

Sometimes I wonder if my child's special blanket is really mine. I can't leave without knowing my child will have a fit with out it and knowing I will loose my mind or any non dyed hair I have left. I find new ways to use it for myself, I am obsessed. Pretty much we can't live without our  swaddle blankets in this home.  Today we will talk about the difference between the same company but two different brands with in it. 

About: 44" x 44" 100% cotton muslin swaddles
Price: $34.99 for a 4 pack 
Ease of use: Easy, machine washable  
Looks: Three printed swaddles and one white swaddle. Prints are simple and cute. 
Found At: Stores like Target, Babies R' Us and buybuy Baby 
Quality: The material will hold up for about one year of use. Washing these swaddles will not affect their feel.
Best Use: Great swaddle and a great price for use with one child
Our Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

About:  47" x 47" 100% cotton muslin swaddles  
Price: $49.95 for a 4 pack 
Ease of use: Easy, machine washable  
Looks:- Four printed swaddles. Wide range of print selection.  
Found At: Baby Boutiques, Specialty Stores 
Quality:  Lasted through 2 kids and 6 years. Endured hundreds of washes and got softer with each wash and the color held up great.
Best Use:  Great multipurpose use. Cost a little bit more but will hold up through multiple children.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like these swaddled 

1. Use the swaddle blanket for a nursing cover, it is our absolute favorite. Just tie a knot at the top and put over your head, this provides full coverage. Also, with the light weight material, you won't be roasting in the hot summer!

2. Since each pack comes with 4 swaddles, using the swaddles for burp cloths can come in handy. This is especially great for the aden + anais Classic  swaddles because they get softer with each wash. 
But they will have to be washed more regularly.